For the fourth time, we are in the wonderful Yukon again to continue our investigation regarding physiological and psychological changes that occur during the extremes of the Yukon Arctic Ultra. This time, the team consists of Dr. Mathias Steinach, Doctoral Candidate Camilla Kienast and Dr. Lea Mascarell Maricic from the Depatment of Psychiatry of the Charité based on our cooperation with Prof. Ströhle. Currently, the baseline measurements are underway with a challenging n=20 participants. The study is again joined by Dr. Robert Coker from the “University of Alaska”, as he provides equipment to allow blood-analysis and to continue this great international scientific collaboration. We want to express our gratitude to the organizers, volunteers and of course our athletes of the Yukon Arctic Ultra 2019!


The “science-squad” of 2019: Dr. Mascarell Maricic, Mrs. Kienast, Dr. Coker and Dr. Steinach.


A “selfie” after baseline measurements are done with our participant Joel from Australia.


Pipetting the valuable serum-samples.


A morning in Whitehorse.


A selfie with our participant Laura from Italy.


Us with our participant Julio “Toto” and his teammate José.


A Social-Game-Test with our participants conducted by Dr. Mascarell Maricic.


Start of the “Yukon Arctic Ultra 2019”, February 3rd at 10:30 a.m. It was a chilling -38°C by the way!

We are looking forward to see our participants along the trail. Stay warm and safe!