Dr. med. Oliver Opatz

Center for Space Medicine Berlin

Charité Cross Over Building

Virchowweg 6

10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 450 528 536



Dr. Opatz joined the research group Space Medicine and Extreme Environments in 2009. After finishing medical school at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg he wrote his doctoral thesis about gender differences in olfactory evoked potentials at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a doctoral student of Prof. Gerd Kobal and Prof. Thomas Hummel. Today he is a medical doctor and a specialist in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. Moreover he worked as a diving physician at hyperbaric chambers in the Indian Ocean as well as in Germany.

His scientific fields of interest are gravitational physiologythermophysiology and hyperbaric medicine.

Another focus is the development  and programming of new medical devices. Fields of interest are the integration of multiple cardiovascular algorithms.

Dr. Opatz is financed by the German Aerospace Agency DLR.



  • Dr. Bergita Ganse (Predecessor)
  • Mathias Kuhring (Software development)
  • Anja Lochner (Doctoral Candidate: Thermophysiology)
  • Tobias Trippel (Doctoral Candidate: Thermophysiology)
  • Julian Lenk (Doctoral Candidate: Anthropometry)
  • Victor Petzinka (Student: Database Programming)
  • Leon Bruder (Student: Anthropometry & Statistics)
  • Stefan Forgo (Student: Programming wireless interface technology)


 Fields of Research:

  • Graviational physiology using LBNP in Cooperation with the Institute of Aviation Medicine in Praha (Czech Republic)
  • Gravitational physiology experiments in the human short arm centrifuge at Nagoya (Japan)
  • Gravitational physiology experiments in the human short arm centrifuge at DLR/Cologne (Germany)
  • Research in deep hypothermia and the cardiovascular and thermophysiological effects
  • Development of new electronic devices for physiological data acquisition
  • Setting up a special databank in for applied physiology real time data
  • Time dependent processes and mathematical modeling

Future interests:

  • Immersion and Diving Physiology
  • The Diving Reflex