Microcirculatory Observatory Kit

The Microcirculatory Observatory Kit (MOK)


  • White Light Spectroscopy
  • Laser Doppler
  • NIRS
  • peripheral Temperatures via Electrodes or Infrared Camera

This package enables observations into micro-circulation (capillary networks and arterioles) activity during physiological stress. In the human body, there are approximately 10 billion micro-vessels (arterioles, capillaries, and venules) which comprises a surface area of more than 6700 cm² . In this vast micro-circulatory network, the exchange of oxygen/carbon dioxide, delivery of cellular nutrients, and release of cellular waste products occurs. In addition, this network provides up to more than 50% of systemic vascualr resistance, making it an extremely dynamic network. Monitoring the activity of the micro-vasculature via the MOK package enables multiple dimension observations for the physiologist.