Thermophysiology, Gravitational Physiology, Hyperbaric Medicine
Specialist Anaesthesiology

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Dr. Opatz joined the research group Space Medicine and Extreme Environments in 2009. After finishing medical school at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg he wrote his doctoral thesis about gender differences in olfactory evoked potentials. He was a doctoral student of Prof. Gerd Kobal and Prof. Thomas Hummel. Today he is a medical doctor and a specialist in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. Moreover he worked as a diving physician at hyperbaric chambers in the Indian Ocean as well as in Germany. Moreover he is the contact person for media communications and the website.

Focus Areas

  • gravitational physiology,
  • thermophysiology and
  • hyperbaric medicine.
  • development  and programming of new medical devices. Fields of interest are the integration of multiple cardiovascular algorithms.


  • Dr. Bergita Ganse (Predecessor) 2009
  • Mathias Kuhring (Bioinformatics, Software development, Internship) 2010
  • Anja Lochner (Medicine, Doctoral Candidate: Thermophysiology) 2009
  • Tobias Trippel (Medicine, Doctoral Candidate: Thermophysiology) 2009
  • Julian Lenk (Medicine, Doctoral Candidate: Anthropometry, Thermophysiology) 2010
  • Evelyn Schnapka (Bioinformatics, Bachelor Thesis: EEG Spectra and Posture)2011
  • Victor Petzinka (Medicine, Student: Medical Database Programming, Internship) 2012
  • Leon Bruder (Medicine, Student: Anthropometry & Statistics, Internship)2012
  • Stefan Forgo (Bioinformatics, Student: Programming Wireless Interface Technology, Thesis) 2012

Fields of Research:

  • Graviational Physiology using LBNP in Cooperation with the Institute of Aviation Medicine Praha (Czech Republic)
  • Gravitational Physiology experiments in the human short arm centrifuge at Nagoya (Japan) and DLR/Cologne (Germany)
  • Research in deep hypothermia and the cardiovascular and thermophysiological effects
  • Development of new electronic devices for physiological data acquisition
  • Setting up a special databank in for applied physiology real time data
  • Time dependent processes and mathematical modeling
  • Immersion and Diving Physiology
  • The Diving Reflex

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