Marc Jörres

Marc Jörres

Doctoral Candidate

Center for Space Medicine Berlin

Charité Cross Over
Charitéplatz 1 

10117 Berlin

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Marc Jörres studied medicine at Charité Berlin, passing his final exam in 2018. Currently he is working in trauma and orthopedics department in Humboldt Hospital Berlin.

He joined the Center for Space Medicine in 2015, after attending a seminar about physiology in extreme environments. Inspired by its topics, he started his doctoral thesis regarding changes in metabolism and body composition in ultra marathons. For that, he examined athletes taking part in the 2015 and 2016 “100km-24hour-Mammutmarsch” with Dr. Mathias Steinach.

Scientific fields of interest: body composition, metabolism and cardiac stress (volume stress) in ultra-long endurance events.

Marc Jörres is a sports enthusiast himself, he’s active in tennis, beach tennis, beach volley and fitness.


Jörres M, Gunga HC, Steinach M: “Physiological Changes, Activity, and Stress During a 100-km–24-h Walking-March” in Front.Physiol., 2021

Maggioni MA, Rundfeldt LC, Gunga HC, Joerres M, Merati G, Steinach M: “The Advantage of Supine and Standing Heart Rate Variability Analysis to Assess Training Status and Performance in a Walking Ultramarathon” in Front.Physiol., 2020