Lea Christiane Rundfeldt

Lea Christiane Rundfeldt

Doctoral Candidate

Center for Space Medicine Berlin
Charité Cross Over
Charitéplatz 1 
10117 Berlin

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Lea Christiane Rundfeldt is a medical student at the Charité Berlin and will graduate in 2020. After her long-term activity in competitive sports, she decided to study medicine aiming to specialize in sports medicine. In 2017, she joined the Center for Space Medicine, to pursue her interest in human adaptation and resilience to extreme environmental exposition. In her doctoral thesis, she specifically explores heart rate variability (HRV), as to assess both physiological and psychological stress, as well as resilience, in ultramarathon competition – working together with Dr. Martina Maggioni and Dr. Mathias Steinach. Additionally, she has explored muscle metabolism and sarcopenia-like models in microgravity analogs – this representing another example of human physiologic adaptation to exceptional conditions.

In her spare time, Lea Christiane Rundfeldt enjoys sportive and outdoor activities such as running, cycling and rock climbing.

Scientific fields of interest: heart rate variability, physiological and psychological resilience, physical performance, ultramarathon, sarcopenia, mTOR signaling.


Maggioni MA, Rundfeldt LC, Gunga HC, Joerres M, Merati G, Steinach M: “The Advantage of Supine and Standing Heart Rate Variability Analysis to Assess Training Status and Performance in a Walking Ultramarathon” in Front.Physiol., 2020

Rundfeldt LC, Gunga HC, Steinach M: “Anabolic signaling and response in sarcopenia as a model for microgravity induced muscle deconditioning: A systematic review” in REACH – Reviews in Human Space Exploration, 2019

Maggioni MA, Castiglioni P, Merati G, Brauns K, Gunga HC, Mendt S, Opatz OS, Rundfeldt LC, Steinach M, Werner A, Stahn AC: “High-Intensity Exercise Mitigates Cardiovascular Deconditioning During Long-Duration Bed Rest” in Front.Physiol., 2018

Rundfeldt LC, Maggioni MA, Coker RH, Gunga HC, Riveros-Rivera A, Schalt A, Steinach M: “Cardiac Autonomic Modulations and Psychological Correlates in the Yukon Arctic Ultra: The Longest and the Coldest Ultramarathon” in Front.Physiol., 2018