Julia Lichti

Julia Lichti

Doctoral Candidate

Center for Space Medicine Berlin
Charité Cross Over
Charitéplatz 1 
10117 Berlin

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Julia Lichti is a student at the Charité University of Medicine Berlin, who is now finishing her 6th Semester.

In 2018 she joined a cooperated study by the Institute of Vegetative Physiologie and the Center for Space Medicine and Extreme Environments. This continued study investigates mechanisms regarding tissue-oxygen-availability through endurance training, lead by Prof. Dr. Michael Fähling and Dr. Mathias Steinach.
Part of this study is the guided training of the participants by Mrs. Lichti to improve their endurance performance within half a year.

Scientific fields of interest: exercise and health, fluid shift, mechanisms of oxygen transport and delivery.

Mrs. Lichti is also an avid sports-trainer.


Balcerek B and Steinach M, Lichti J, Maggioni MA, Becker PN, Labes R, Gunga HC, Persson PB, Fähling M: “A Broad Diversity in Oxygen Affinity to Haemoglobin” in Sci.Rep., 2020

Steinach M, Lichti J, Maggioni MA, Fähling M: “A Fluid Shift for Endurance Exercise – Why Hydration Matters” in Acta.Physiol., 2019