Camilla Kienast

Camilla Kienast

Doctoral Candidate

Center for Space Medicine Berlin
Charité Cross Over
Charitéplatz 1 
10117 Berlin

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Camilla Kienast is a scientist at the Charité University Medicine Berlin. She passed the final state-exam in autumn 2019.

She joined the Center for Space Medicine in 2014 and is now pursuing her doctoral thesis regarding changes of sleep and neuropeptide Y during the “Yukon Arctic Ultramarathon”. This study is part of a continued study: “Physiological Changes in Participants of an Ultramarathon in Subarctic Climate” by Dr. Mathias Steinach. From January to February 2019 she was part of the research group under Dr. Mathias Steinach, which examined ultramarathon-runners during the “Yukon Arctic Ultra” in Canada.

Clinical Room:
She co-developed and initiated the “Heat and Health” project together with Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Gunga. “Heat and Health” aims to identify a wide range of measures of a very different nature helping to transfer a standard hospital into a “green” one. The Charité Universitaetsmedizin Berlin buildings bear high potentials to improve energy consumption and comfort for example by optimizing the facade constructions or by creating green areas which will influence the microclimate and ultimately the patients’ and staff’s well-being. In the focus of this project will be the climatic comfort of the building user. Since the hospital staff passes most of their time at work, occupational health is a big issue of this research.

Scientific fields of interest: Climate change, epidemiology, occupational medicine, public health.

Mrs. Kienast is also a marathon runner and triathlete.


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