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Dieter Blottner studied biology, human medicine, and English and American literature at the University of Mainz, Regensburg and Marburg. He wrote his thesis (PhD) on the embryonic development of teeth. After his Postdoc positions in Anatomy and Cell Biology Department at Marburg University, he wrote his habilitation thesis at the Freie University of Berlin on neuronal growth factors of the autonomic nervous system in 1992. Since 1993, his main research focus is on skeletal muscle signaling and plasticity and adaptation of the neuromuscular system.   Research Focus

  •  autonomic nervous system
  •  skeletal muscle structure, plasticity and adaptation
  •  neuromuscular system in health and disuse
  •  exercise countermeasures (bed rest, spaceflight)
  •  Space Life Sciences

Studies and Grants

  • DLR 2001-2003: Skeletal muscle atrophy in male bed rest (PI, LTBR-Study Toulouse, France)
  • DLR 2003-2005: Skeletal muscle signaling (PI, 1st Berlin-BedRest Study, BBR-1, Charité)
  • DLR 2005-2007: Muscle atrophy in female bed rest (PI, WISE Study, Toulouse, France)
  • DLR 2007-2009: Nitric Oxide Signaling in Disuse and Exercise (PI, 2nd Berlin BedRest Study)
  • DLR 2010-2013: Nutritional Intervention in Bed Rest (PI, MEP Study, DLR, Cologne)
  • DLR 2014-2017: Mice on International Space Station (CoPi, MDS mission) and on biosatellite (PI, BION M1), CoPI, Nitrosative stress in disuse (2015 ESA Bed Rest Study, Toulouse, France)

Recent References
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