CosAna – A Web Application

Cosinor analysis is a simple and popular method to analyze cyclic patterns. A sinusoidal pattern is fit to the data allowing to quantify the rhythm by mesor, amplitude and acrophase. A major advantage of this method is that the data does not have to be equidistant, and it can therefore also be applied to data with missing values.

Recently, a flexible and powerful online tool has been developed by ZWMB (Stefan Mendt) that allows quick and easy data preparation and fitting of circadian data.

NEW VERSION ONLINE (18-November-2014)


CosAna - A web application

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  • accepts diverse file formats
  • accepts a data table with several columns
  • allows data manipulation
  • fits a single or multiple cosine/sine curves
  • exports data (raw and fitted)
  • exports results
  • exports graphic


Example Data: