Katharina Brauns

Center for Space Medicine and Extreme Environments Berlin

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Charitéplatz 1
10117 Berlin

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Katharina Brauns studied Bioinformatics. Her fields of interest are functional imaging, EEG and brain performance under different gravitational conditions.


Brauns K., Werner A., Gunga H.C., Maggioni M.A.M., Dinges D.F., Stahn, A. Electrocortical Evidence for Impaired Affective Picture Processing after Long-Term Immobilization. Nature Sci Rep 9, 16610, 2019.

Martina, M.A., Castiglioni, P., Merati, G., Brauns,K., Gunga, H.C., Mendt, S., Opatz, O.S., Rundfeldt, L.C., Steinach, M. Werner, A., Stahn, A.: High-Intensity Exercise Mitigates Cardiovascular Deconditioning During Long-Duration Bed Rest. Front Physiol. 9: 1553, 2018

Nordine N, Maggioni MA, Stahn A, Mendt S, Brauns K, Gunga H-C, Habazettl H, Nitsche A, Opatz O, Form influences function: Anthropometry and orthostatic stability during sustained acceleration in a short arm Human centrifuge, Acta Astronautica, 115(2015):138-145, 2015