Dorothée Grevers, B.Sc.

Center for Space Medicine Berlin
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10117 Berlin

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+49 (0)30 450 528 553

Dorothée Grevers joined the Center as a research associate in August 2016. Since then she has engaged in a variety of projects across the numerous research areas of the Center and is especially interested in space exploration, the neuroscience and psychology of extreme environments.

Her international background is multidisciplinary with a degree in biomedical science and further academic studies in various other fields including psychology, criminology, mathematics, and philosophy. Together with her experience in writing and editing, Grevers investigates how different extreme conditions impact the mind and brain.


Research Projects

  • 2019-… – Co-I – The Development of an IAT to Measure Implicit Theories in Males Associated with Sexual Aggression Towards Females – ESSM
  • 2018-… – PI – SWICE – Sexual Wellbeing & Sexual Security in Isolation & Confinement – ESA
  • 2018-… – Co-ICOOLSPIN – External Peripheral Cooling as a Stabilizing Cardiovascular Countermeasure in Hypergravity – DLR
  • 2018-… – Co-ICELSS – Core Temperature & Circadian Rhythms in Long-Term Space Flight – ACC/DLR
  • 2016-… – Co-I – Neuromayer – Neurophysioloical Examinations Before, During, & After Long-Term Stays on the Neumayer Station in the Antarctic (Neumayer Station III) – ESA/DLR


Journal Articles

Rijkers, G.T., Bimmel, D., Grevers, D., den Haan, N., & Hristova, Y. Consumer perception of beneficial effects of probiotics for human health. Benef Microbes. 2013 Mar 1;4(1):117-21. PMID: 23434950 DOI: 10.3920/BM2012.0050


Book Chapters

Grevers, D. & Gunga, H.-C. (in press) “Defining and Defying Extreme Environments” (Chp. 8) In: Gunga, H.-C., Human Physiology in Extreme Environments. (2nd ed.) San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

Gunga, H.-C., Opatz, O., Steinach, M., Grevers, D., & Kirsch, K.A. (2019) “Weltraummedizin und -biologie.” (“Space Medicine and Biology”) (Chp. 7.6) In: Ley, W., Wittman, K., Hallmann, L. (eds.) Handbuch der Raumfahrttechnik. (Handbook of Space Technology). (5th ed.) Munich: Carl Hanser Verlag.