Yukon Arctic Ultra 2019

For the fourth time, we conduct our study on physiological changes in this extreme environment

Prof. Gunga @ World Health Summit 2018

Interview with "Berliner Zeitung" July 2017

Interview about our research activities (German language)

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News about our current research - click above for video

Greetings from ISS

Alexander Gerst wearing the Double-Sensor for "Circadian Rhythms"-Experiment

From Space to Earth

Studies to simulate life in space on earth

From Earth to Space

Technologies and applications to serve men and women in space

Exercise in Extreme Environments

Investigating the physiological impact of the Yukon Arctic Ultramarathon

Chile Alma Observatory Study

Investigating the physiological reactions to hypobaric conditions

Cognitive Function in Space

Investigating neuro-cognitive function under simulated conditions of space


Investigating the changes in thermoragulation under real microgravity aboard ISS

Mars 500

500 days of a simulated journey to the Red Planet

Nathan Zuntz - pioneer in altitude physiology

His life and work by Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Gunga

"We think cell communication might be tied to gravity-sensing and we are
exploring unexpected changes in human skeletal muscle cell communication
when the force of gravity is not pulling on astronauts."

Prof. Dieter Blottner

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Center for Space Medicine at the Charité-CCO in Berlin

Where we are based