Interview with Asst. Professor Dr. Alexander Stahn

regarding similarities between isolation in Antarctica and the current "Corona"-Crisis. (Article in German)

Prof. Gunga

receives the "Diploma titular de Academia National de Cienca", Lima 2019

Prof. Gunga at Reception in the Naturkundemuseum Berlin

Brain Changes in Response to Long Antarctic Expeditions

Asst. Prof. Dr. Alexander Stahn has led a long duration study to investigate isolation and confinement in Antarctica on the human brain. The results were published in the "New England Journal of Medicine". A PDF from "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (article in German) can be found by clicking the picture above.

Prof. Gunga

at the 22nd IAA Humans in Space Symposium 11-14 November, 2019 Dubai, UAE

Yukon Arctic Ultra 2019

For the fourth time, we conduct our study on physiological changes in this extreme environment

Prof. Gunga @ World Health Summit 2018

Interview with "Berliner Zeitung" July 2017

Interview about our research activities (German language)

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Greetings from ISS

Alexander Gerst wearing the Double-Sensor for "Circadian Rhythms"-Experiment

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Nathan Zuntz - pioneer in altitude physiology

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